Don’t Look Back in Anger

In this 2 song acoustic performance, filmed in September of 2016, Wazbhoscovers Noel Gallagher’s ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ followed by the originalversion of ‘4U’, which he wrote only a month before.

The Seafarers Voyage

Powerful and dramatic, ‘The Seafarers Voyage’ is an instrumental piece composed like that of an award winning film score.

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In the Twilight they Dance

‘In the Twilight they Dance’ was released in late Sept 2020. It’s enchanting tones convey a sense of magic and wonder, like fairies dancing in a secret garden.

Wazbhos – 4U

Written about life’s journey and the anticipation of the fulfillment we desire, ‘4U’connects us all. It’s tender and expressive melody will surely break the ice and melt your frozen heart.