About Wazbhos’

Mesmerizing, Original, Experimental, and Intense are just a few of the words used to describe the incredible sounds of Wazbhos. A truly enchanting experience awaits those fortunate enough to witness one of his performances. Wazbhos’ love for music began at an early age, first picking up a guitar at around 16 years old, and clearly never putting it down. His first musical influences were Western, with Bands like Dire Straits and Tears for Fears topping the list along with the Beatles. Wazbhos obtained a Grade 6 in Music Performance RSL (Rockschool). His musical taste evolved over time and later in life Wazbhos fell in love with Classical Indian and South Asian music, especially Bollywood, which is where his heart remains.

His first three singles were released beginning in December of 2019 with ‘The Seafarers Voyage’, followed by ‘4U’ in February of 2020 and more recently, ‘In the Twilight they Dance’ released on Sep 28, 2020. Wazbhos plans to continue writing, performing, and composing throughout 2021 and beyond. By Combining the enlightened notes of South Asian songs with the soothing tones found in Classical Indian music and a touch of Modern Western Influence, Wazbhos produces a beautifully unique yet satisfyingly familiar sound that never disappoints.